ADB allocates money to Tajikistan again for disaster risk management

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The Asian Development Bank has approved a $30 million grant to strengthen disaster risk management in Tajikistan and reduce economic losses due to climate change and natural disasters, reports.

“Tajikistan is highly vulnerable to climate change: more than 400 natural disasters such as floods, avalanches and others occur every year that seriously affect people's lives and the economy,” said Evgeny Zhukov, ADB Director General for Central and West Asia.

“The ADB grant will enhance the country's disaster preparedness and response capacity while strengthening overall resilience to climate change,” he added.

The project complements an ongoing $10 million grant approved by the bank in 2018 to support the Tajik government's efforts to mainstream disaster risk management into development planning, ADB said.

“The ADB project will help build disaster-resilient housing, build the capacity of local communities and officials, and improve disaster response facilities in Khatlon Oblast,” said Matthias Leitner, ADB Natural Resources and Agriculture Economist.

Dwellings will be climate resilient, with reliable water and electricity, and facilities for women, children and people with disabilities. The project will also improve social infrastructure in nearby villages, including access roads, a bridge, power lines, health centers and schools. Local communities and displaced people will receive training on topics such as agricultural innovation and crop production, as well as negotiation skills, to improve their income and community resilience.

Since Tajikistan joined the Asian Development Bank in 1998, the bank has provided over $2.5 billion in aid to the country, including about $1.9 billion in grants.

Nov. 30, 2022