Archaeologists found mammoth remains in Kyrgyzstan

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The remains of a mammoth tusk and lower jaw were found by archaeologists from Kyrgyzstan on June 2, 2024, in the sandy outcrops of the ancient floodplain of the Jyrgalan River in the east of the Issyk-Kul region.

The bones were found in two different places at a distance of 140-150 meters from each other in the sand and gravel deposits of the quarry, the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan said in a statement.

“The found fragments of the tusk and jaw were cleaned and initially preserved on site. All finds are packed and prepared for transportation. They will be transferred to the museum,” the Ministry reported.

This is the only discovery of mammoth remains in Kyrgyzstan so far. The Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan noted that the presence of remains in two different places in the same quarry suggests that this area may be promising for future discoveries. The valley of the Jyrgalan River is famous for its finds of Pleistocene fauna.

June 4, 2024