Army of Kyrgyzstan strengthens - Zhaparov

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At the first People's kurultai (People convention) in Kyrgyzstan, President Sadyr Zhaparov told the delegates about strengthening the country's defense capability and sources of its financing, reported.

Speaking to the delegates of the people's kurultai, the President of Kyrgyzstan said that modern challenges related to security require the authorities to strengthen the defense capability. For these purposes, according to Zhaparov, the Ministry of Defense of Kyrgyzstan was re-created in 2021 and the army is being strengthened.

“When I took office, we did not have armored military equipment, and at the moment unprecedented funds have been allocated from the state budget, which have been used to purchase special Tigr armored vehicles, heavy army trucks, and Bayraktar-TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles. , "Akynzhi", "Aksungur" and other modern types of weapons and military equipment," Zhaparov said.

Nov. 25, 2022