Defense officials of Iran and Kyrgyzstan discuss common issues

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Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Muhammad Bokiri said that Iran is ready for a peaceful settlement of border disputes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, IRNA reports.

Major General Bokiri held a telephone conversation with Minister of Defense of Kyrgyzstan Baktybek Bekbolotov and discussed the issues of sending Iranian drones to Tajikistan.

Muhammad Boqiri emphasized that Ababil-2 drones have only reconnaissance capabilities and are not equipped with weapons and offensive equipment. He added that the Iranian Armed Forces have always stressed that the Tajik Armed Forces should not use Ababil 2 drones in border disputes with Tajikistan.

Minister Bekbolotov, in turn, said that the political relations between Iran and Kyrgyzstan are based on bilateral relations and trust, adding that the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan are ready to develop cooperation with the Armed Forces of Iran.

Nov. 11, 2022