EDB to finance completion of Rogun hydroelectric power station in Tajikistan

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The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) is participating in the donor committee discussing financial support for the Rogun project, stated Nikolay Podguzov, the Chairman of the EDB Board, Asiaplus.tj.info reports.

"We are involved in these discussions, and we would like to allocate resources to Rogun," he said at a press conference in Almaty following the presentation of the EDB's study on "Efficient Irrigation and Water Conservation in Central Asia."

However, Podguzov noted that it is currently challenging to predict how these discussions will unfold.

"We understand the importance of participation in this project; I hope it works out," he added.

In 2022, a consortium was formed in Tajikistan to attract funds from international donors for the construction of Rogun, with coordination handled by the World Bank.

In mid-August of this year, the Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan announced that direct negotiations with potential investors would begin by the end of the year.

The ministry emphasized that agreements had already been reached on attracting a concessional loan from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (China) amounting to $500 million. In addition, the Islamic Development Bank intends to increase the financing for this project to $250 million from the previously stated $150 million.

At the end of October, the Saudi Development Fund also expressed readiness to provide a loan of $100 million.

Up to the present time, the Rogun project has been financed solely by the state funds of Tajikistan itself. Over 3 billion somoni has been directed towards its completion since the beginning of this year, including 2.6 billion somoni from the budget and 427 million somoni from the sale of electricity produced by two units of this station. Since the start of reconstruction and construction work (since 2008), over 35 billion somoni from the state budget have been allocated for the construction of this hydropower plant.

At the exchange rate of the National Bank of Tajikistan, 1% is equal to 10.9 somoni.

The Rogun hydropower plant will become the largest hydroelectric power station in Central Asia, with an installed capacity of 3,600 MW. The annual electricity generation after the station is fully operational will range from 13 to 17 billion kilowatt-hours. This represents approximately 65%-85% of the annual electricity generation by all existing capacities in the republic.

Overall, it is planned to install six units in the power station's engine room, with each unit having a designed capacity of 600 MW. The launch of the last unit of the station is scheduled for 2029.

The construction of the station is divided into separate lots, including LOT 1 – electromechanical equipment, LOT 2 – power station dam, LOT 3 – right-bank structures, and LOT 4 – left-bank structures. It is expected that the construction of the station will be completed by 2033.


November 20, 2023