Energy sector of Kyrgyzstan suffered $10 mln due to corruption

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The damage to the state from corruption in the energy sector of Kyrgyzstan amounted to 878 million soms or almost $10 million, Kyrgyz Prosecutor General Kurmankul Zulushev said at the final press briefing.

Based on the results of prosecutor's checks, 163 prosecutor's acts were submitted to the Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan, 46 criminal cases were initiated, Zulushev said.

“Most of the criminal cases are related to public procurement, illegal enrichment, theft of electricity and illegal circulation of generated electricity,” said the Prosecutor General of Kyrgyzstan.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic conducted a scheduled inspection of the Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan and its subordinate organizations in September 2022. During the audit, compliance by officials and other employees of bodies and institutions of the energy system with anti-corruption, labor legislation, legislation on public procurement, on energy and on the fuel and energy complex was studied. Systematic violations of laws, non-compliance with the requirements of presidential decrees and decisions of the Security Council of Kyrgyzstan were revealed. On the identified violations of normative legal acts, the prosecutor's office of the country introduced 132 acts of prosecutorial response.

In addition, on the grounds of crimes committed by certain officials of the Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan and its structural divisions, 32 criminal cases were initiated in hot pursuit of the inspection. This work continued aggressively until the end of the year, bringing the number of cases filed to 46.

February 2, 2023