Government investigates reasons for inclusion of Kazakh company in sanctions list

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Kazakhstan's Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumanagarin commented in the Senate corridors on the information that one of the Kazakh companies was included in the US sanctions list, reports.

Zhumanagarin stated that the company in question is "KBR-Technologies." However, according to the State Revenue Committee and the Ministry of Industry and Construction of Kazakhstan, this company has not applied for an export-import license.

"Today, we have expanded the list subject to export-import control. This company did not supply goods from the expanded list. What did it supply? How were the violations recorded? We will find out now," noted Zhumanagarin.

He added that a special envoy from the European Union will visit Kazakhstan next week, and this issue will be discussed during the meeting.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Economy Nurlan Baibazarov stated that the inclusion of one company in the sanctions list will not have a significant impact on the country as a whole.

"In terms of our country, this is a minor impact. One specific company was affected; we will find out the reasons, but I don't know them yet. There will be no effect of secondary sanctions," emphasized Nurlan Baibazarov in the Senate corridors.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumanagarin stated that many logistics and trade chains in Kazakhstan were disrupted due to the sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union against Russia. He also said that Kazakhstan does not support the imposed restrictions but will comply with them as it is economically beneficial.

June 13, 2024