Group preparing election riots detained in Kazakhstan

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The National Security Committee (KNB) of Kazakhstan, with the assistance of the prosecutor's office, stopped the activities of a criminal group whose members planned to organize mass riots on the day of the presidential election on November 20.

A group planning to organize riots on election day was detained in Kazakhstan, the press service of the KNB of Kazakhstan reports.

As a result of a special operation, 7 people were detained, in respect of whom an investigation has been launched under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan, the report says. Material evidence was seized in their places of residence.

“With the sanction of the prosecutor's office, they documented their preparation of organizing mass riots, attacks on administrative buildings of state and law enforcement agencies, life support facilities using weapons and incendiary mixtures,” the Kazakh KNB reports.

The department added that the role of each member of the group was "clearly distributed." Criminal plans, according to the information, were discussed during regular meetings with observance of secrecy measures.

“Members of the group made equipment - the so-called“ bottle throwers ”, with the help of which it was planned to throw“ Molotov cocktails ”at law enforcement officers for their physical destruction. They organized a cache where they kept weapons for committing crimes - a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a rifled gun "Merkel", two smooth-bore sawn-off shotguns, ammunition, bottles of liquid for "Molotov cocktails", the so-called. “bottle throwers”, canisters of gasoline, walkie-talkies, ”the ministry said further.

The suspects were placed in a temporary detention center. Other information in the interests of the investigation is not subject to disclosure.

17 ноября 2022 года