International drug trafficking channels liquidated in Kazakhstan

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The National Security Committee of Kazakhstan has conducted 47 anti-drug operations in 2023, including jointly with the competent authorities of Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Australia. As a result, 8 international and 14 regional drug trafficking channels were liquidated, the press service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan reported.

“In particular, a foreign citizen was detained who organized the smuggling of 5 kg of heroin and 48 kg of methamphetamine from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan. The activity of a drug group involved in the smuggling of Afghan opiates from the countries where drug trafficking was formed to Kazakhstan was suppressed. 1 kg of heroin, 2 kg of opium and 14 kg of hashish were confiscated.

A stable channel for the supply of opiates from Iran to Kazakhstan through the Caspian waters was also liquidated, four foreigners who smuggled 30 kg of opium and 100 methadone tablets were detained.

“For the first quarter, 8 large-scale drug laboratories have already been liquidated. 73 kg of the psychotropic substance “mephedrone” and 223 kg of “α-PVP” were seized from illicit trafficking,” the KNB noted, adding that “if earlier the production of synthetics was typical for Almaty and northern regions, today their location is gradually spreading to other regions."

In total, 67 members of drug structures have been detained since the beginning of the year. 483.2 kg of psychotropic substances, 11 kg of heroin, 32.8 kg of opium, 63.7 kg of hashish, 41.6 kg of marijuana and more than 17 tons of poppy raw materials, as well as over 22 tons of chemical reagents were seized from illegal circulation.

April 28, 2023