Kazakhstan to construct trade and logistics complex on border jointly with Kyrgyzstan

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To implement cooperative projects in the production of dairy, meat, fruit and vegetable, textile, and pharmaceutical products, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will construct a trade and logistics complex at the border. The corresponding law "On the Ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic on the Creation and Regulation of Activities of an Industrial Trade and Logistics Complex in the Area of the Border Crossing Points 'Ak-Tilek' and 'Karassu'" was adopted by the Mazhilis (Kazakh Parliament) during a plenary session on Wednesday, Vlast.kz reports.

"The complex will be located near the border crossing points 'Karassu' and 'Ak-Tilek' and will consist of production sites, warehouses for goods storage, and transportation-logistics infrastructure. The formation of the complex will create conditions for the implementation of cooperative projects," said Kayrat Torebayev, the Acting Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan, presenting the draft law to the deputies.

According to him, the creation of the complex is also aimed at developing trade and logistics infrastructure with the Kyrgyz Republic.

Under Article 4 of the agreement, the Kazakh and Kyrgyz parts of the industrial trade and logistics complex are located outside the border strip.

However, it is currently unknown who will manage this complex. According to Torebayev, competitions to select investors have not been held.

"On March 28, the Jambyl region akimat announced a competition to select an investor who would subsequently manage the complex and provide service to its residents. On April 19, a repeat competition was announced. However, due to the lack of applications, the competitions did not take place. A repeat competition is planned to be announced in May," said the Acting Minister of Trade and Integration.

He added that the investor should also provide engineering infrastructure.

Overall, an increase in trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan up to $3 billion is expected, including through the trade and logistics complex.


May 15, 2024