Kyrgyz film won a prestigious award at Toronto International Film Festival

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The feature film "Mountain Jay" by the Kyrgyz debut director Begaly Nargozu continues to collect prestigious international awards. This was reported on the website of the International Film Festival in Toronto.

At the recently concluded IX Independent International Film Show in Toronto (CIFT), this film was awarded the prize for "Best Directorial Debut in a Feature Film."

The CIFT Festival, recognized by the authoritative publication IMDb, has become one of the most significant showcases for independent cinema over its nine years of existence, annually hosting over 10,000 guests and selectors.

The Kyrgyz film tells the story of the challenging life journey of a young girl named Altyn, forced to leave her native village to study in the capital metropolis.

Finding herself amidst great temptations and trials, the main character demonstrates extraordinary strength of spirit and inner resilience, defending her moral principles and values.

The visual canvas of the film is unique in its three-level construction: the peaks of majestic mountains symbolize the timeless beginning of life, the village represents its measured flow in traditions, and the city embodies the vices of modern civilization with a cult of money and consumption.

The dramatic conflict revolves around the difficult choice of the main character between the temptations of the metropolis and loyalty to her life ideals. Altyn's victory affirms the triumph of the human spirit over circumstances.

After a successful premiere in Kyrgyzstan in December 2023, this film was highly acclaimed by international film communities and received prestigious awards at film festivals in Nice and Madrid, Amsterdam, and Hawaii.

Well-known Kyrgyz actors, artists, and musicians were involved in creating this vivid cinematic work. The talented directorial work of Begaly Nargozu has earned high recognition from film critics and audiences.

May 7, 2024