Kyrgyzstan timely repays its debts to China

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In 2023, Kyrgyzstan directed the most money towards repaying its debt to China. The volume of payments to the Middle Kingdom amounted to 35.5% of the total amount that Kyrgyzstan spent on servicing its external obligations. Such data is provided by the relevant department, as reported by Akchabar.

Overall, last year Kyrgyzstan paid 31.5657 billion soms or around $359 million towards its external debts. Of this, 25.2 billion soms went towards repaying the principal amount owed to creditors, while another 6.3 billion soms went towards interest on those debts.

Specifically regarding China, Kyrgyzstan repaid a debt of 11.200 billion soms or over $127 million last year. More than 70% of this amount, or 8.1 billion soms, was allocated towards repaying the principal debt, and 3.1 billion soms towards interest.

As of the beginning of January 2024, Kyrgyzstan's debt to China was estimated at $1.7077 billion or 152.53284 billion soms. This represents 36.9% of all external obligations of the country.

June 6, 2024