Mobilization announced in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan has announced the mobilization of reserve officers for a two-year military service. The corresponding resolution was signed by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Alihan Smailov, according to Kazakh media reports.

"The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan initiated a resolution to call up reserve officers, who are fit for military service and have not undergone it, for a 24-month military service in officer positions in 2024 in accordance with the legislation," the statement from the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan reads.

A total of 752 individuals will be called for service:

- Armed Forces: 600 individuals
- Border Service of the National Security Committee (KNB): 80 individuals
- National Guard: 42 individuals
- Emergency Situations Ministry (MChS): 30 individuals

The main goal of mobilizing reserve officers is to fill the current shortage of officer positions, emphasized the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan. The main requirements for reserve officers include an age limit of up to 29 years (for medical service reserve officers, up to 32 years), fitness for military service, and possession of a relevant military specialty.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the call-up in 2024 will be carried out for the most in-demand military specialties, including medical, aviation, engineering, artillery, radio engineering, educational-ideological, logistics, military transport, information, and reconnaissance.

"In some cases, the call-up of reserve officers will take into account the territorial principle of recruitment, meaning that officers by draft will undergo military service at the place of military registration or permanent residence. Priority will be given to candidates interested in the draft and unemployed reserve officers," the statement said.

The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan noted that "the increase in the number of called-up reserve officers for military service is aimed at enhancing the combat readiness of the Armed Forces and accumulating a trained military reserve in their military-specialty."
February 1, 2024