Radical groups gaining strength in Central Asia

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In Central Asia, the popularity of radical Islamism of the Wahhabi type is on the rise. The main goal of radicals is the overthrow of secular governments and the establishment of a unified Islamic totalitarian state in the region based on Sharia law.

This was stated by Uzbek independent researcher and Ph.D. in historical sciences Bakhtiyor Alimjanov in a conversation with VES 24, Asia24.media portal reports.

"Uzbekistan is a thorn in the side of extremists because it is a secular state that lives by civil laws, not Sharia norms. Those who violate the country's laws are held accountable regardless of religious affiliation. And this is the foundation that ensures order and harmony in society," said the expert.

As early as 1998, new articles were introduced into the Administrative Code of Uzbekistan, and amendments were made to the Criminal Code, aimed at combating religious fundamentalism and extremism. Authorities quickly and firmly suspended the activities of religious organizations, parties, and movements adhering to the ideology of political Islam. They cut off sources of foreign funding for radicals.

"Today, radical groups in the region are gaining strength due to stable and growing support from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. The West uses radical Islam, primarily Wahhabism, as a tool to weaken geopolitical opponents. There is financing of groups and cells, psychological pumping, and provocations. The ultimate goal is to ignite Central Asia and complicate the lives of China and Russia," noted B. Alimjanov.


February 25, 2024