Saudi Arabia allocates $100 mln for construction of Rogun HPP in Tajikistan

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Saudi Arabia will finance the construction of the Rogun Hydroelectric Power Plant with $100 million, announced the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Tajikistan, Walid ibn Abdurrahman Al-Rashaidan, during a press conference in Dushanbe, Avesta reports.

This amount represents 50% of the total sum provided by Saudi Arabia to Tajikistan.

At the beginning of the press conference, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador condemned Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip, describing it as brutal and inhumane. He emphasized that the Palestinian issue remains important for Saudi Arabia.

The Ambassador also informed journalists that the 2034 World Cup will be hosted by Saudi Arabia.

Starting from October 6, following agreements on cooperation between the King Salman Development Fund and the Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia allocated $20 million for education in Tajikistan. It was noted that out of the $195 million provided by the King Salman Development Fund, $95 million will be allocated for financing education in Tajikistan, clarified Al-Rashaidan.

November 1, 2023