Secretaries of SCO's Security Council discussed situation in Afghanistan

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International security issues with an emphasis on resolving the situation in Afghanistan were discussed in Moscow by the secretaries of the Security Councils of the SCO countries, which include India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The meeting participants noted the importance of the new Afghan authorities, represented by the Taliban movement, fulfilling their international obligations to counter terrorism and extremism, drug trafficking, as well as to form an ethno-politically balanced government and respect for human rights.

The participants of the meeting proposed a number of additional practical measures aimed at building up joint actions in the antiterrorist direction, as well as curbing the channels of financing terrorism, intensifying cooperation in combating transnational organized crime, illegal arms and drug trafficking, as well as preventing illegal migration.

The importance of joining efforts in solving complex problems in the field of security, continuing a constructive dialogue and finding effective solutions that are adequate to the challenges and threats emanating from the territory of Afghanistan was emphasized.

It was agreed to continue the practice of holding multilateral consultations of the Secretaries of Security Councils on Afghan problems on an annual basis.

Vladimir Putin met with heads of delegations participating in multilateral consultations of Secretaries of Security Councils and National Security Advisors on Afghan issues. The President of Russia stated that, unfortunately, the situation in this country is not getting better, international terrorist organizations are becoming more active, including Al-Qaeda *, which is increasing its potential.

The humanitarian situation is escalating, millions of people in Afghanistan are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The drug trade is on the rise.

The head of the Russian state stressed: “The situation is very complicated, but we are doing everything to ensure that solutions are found. We have established contacts with the leadership of Afghanistan in Kabul. We know that there are good plans for the implementation of major economic projects that could stabilize the situation in the economy.”

February 10, 2023