Situation in Afghanistan threatens entire Central Asia - Afghan politician

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Amir Muhammad Ismail Khan, a prominent figure in Afghanistan and former governor of the Herat province, expressed his views on the current situation in Afghanistan during the "Herat Security Dialogue" in Dushanbe. He emphasized that the present situation in Afghanistan is a regional and global problem, and its victim is not only Afghanistan itself, reports.

Ismail Khan noted that the international community has a direct connection to what is happening in Afghanistan, as NATO, the United States, and others have been present there for the past 20 years. He commented on the situation, stating that Afghanistan became a victim because it did not want American presence. From the regional perspective, there was a soft approach toward the Taliban. However, after America's departure, the situation changed completely. Now, the situation is more dangerous for the region than for the international community. Ismail Khan expressed hope that the region understands the reality of this danger and will exercise caution. If this is not done, not only Afghanistan but the entire region will suffer even more.

He pointed out that the opponents of the current government in Afghanistan have no disagreements among themselves, and they are waiting for favorable conditions to unite.

Ismail Khan mentioned that regional meetings like the "Herat Security Dialogue" are mostly ineffective and only provide participants with an opportunity to speak and express opinions.

He also stated that the international community, especially foreign countries, not only continues to intervene in the situation in Afghanistan but is also at the center of the problems in the country.

Amir Muhammad Ismail Khan, a prominent figure in Afghan politics for the past few decades, was briefly held captive by the Taliban after they came to power in Afghanistan in the summer of 2021. After his release, he went to Iran.

The 11th round of the "Herat Security Dialogue" is taking place in Dushanbe on November 27-28, 2023, with Ismail Khan participating for the first time alongside other officials from the former Afghan government. Representatives from the UN, the United States, Pakistan, Iran, and other countries are also participating in the meeting.

It was previously reported that invitations were extended to representatives of the Taliban, but they are not participating in the conference.

The "Herat Security Dialogue" has been held in Dushanbe for the second year. Last year, the meeting involved officials from the former Afghan government, politicians, and experts from Tajikistan and the region, discussing the "Inclusive Political System in Afghanistan: Methods, Models, and Figures."

November 27, 2023