Situation in terms of crime in Central Asia better in Kazakhstan

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In the ranking of countries in terms of the crime index, Kazakhstan took 48th place out of 142. The index of Kazakhstan was 52.7. The higher the index, the higher the crime rate in the country, reports.

The index estimates the overall crime rate in a country based on surveys. The compilers of the rating consider the crime rate below 20 to be very low, from 20 to 40 - low, from 40 to 60 - moderate, from 60 to 80 - high, and, finally, more than 80 - very high, follows from the Numbeo report.

Among the CIS countries, a higher crime rate than in Kazakhstan was recorded in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, while Moldova, Russia and Uzbekistan are considered safer.

Open the rating of the "most criminal" countries Venezuela, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan. Qatar is considered the safest country.

February 6, 2023