Kyrgyz security service announces names of organizers of possible coup

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The security service of Kyrgyzstan released data on the identity of the detainees on June 4, 2023, who planned to organize mass riots with a subsequent seizure of power, reports.

Based on the audio and video materials they have, criminal cases have been initiated. The criminal group has attracted supporters throughout the year and recruited "the most dissatisfied citizens throughout the country," the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan said in a statement.

"The organizer and ideological inspirer is a civil activist and chairman of the Eldik Kenesh political party N.R.S. Under her leadership, meetings were regularly held aimed at indoctrination of the persons involved against state structures with a discussion of plans for a violent seizure of power," the press release said.

The group involved more than 100 people from various sectors of society and regions of the country. Each had its own role with specific tasks, according to a press release.

"There is information that in the near future it was expected to receive money from foreign sources to finance organizational issues and pay remuneration to key functionaries. The conspirators intended to start the active phase of implementing their criminal plans immediately after the appearance of discontent in society over any incident," the press service explained.

As a result of the raid, more than 30 members of the group were detained. Among them are the main organizer of the N.R.S., as well as four of her main associates. The detainees gave confessions, according to the report of the State Committee for National Security. Law enforcement agencies seized material evidence.

June 6, 2023