Tajik citizens complain about problems with entry into Turkiye

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Dozens of citizens of Tajikistan, predominantly men, have faced entry issues into Turkey over the past week. Many who were denied entry found themselves detained at Istanbul International Airport. Some have returned to Tajikistan, while others continue to remain at the airport. Authorities of both Turkey and Tajikistan have not provided any comments on the situation, Radio Ozodi reports.

At least four Tajik citizens reported on February 21 that they encountered entry problems into Turkey. All of them noted that the refusals occurred after February 14. One individual mentioned flying to Istanbul on February 18 but was immediately sent back to his home country.

Another young man, whose name Radio Ozodi does not disclose upon his request, stated:

"I and several other people flew to Turkey for the first time. Turkish border guards separated about 30 passengers from the Tajik flight, mostly young guys, and took us to a separate room. They informed us that we would be deported." The reason for such a decision was not communicated to them.

However, for three days, all detained passengers from the Tajik flight were held at the police station at Istanbul Airport. On February 20, they flew back to Dushanbe. A man showed a document stating that he was deported from Turkish territory on February 18.

Video recordings sent to Radio Ozodi depict 27 individuals, mostly men, in various rooms within Istanbul Airport. Some are sitting, and others are lying on the floor.

The author of one video says, "We want to drink and eat. We asked them to at least give us our luggage because someone has flatbreads, but they refuse. They say they will send us home on February 23."

Official authorities of both countries have not provided any statements on these events. Meanwhile, an official visit of the Turkish President to Tajikistan is expected later this month.


February 22, 2024