Tajikistan and Kazakhstan intend to expand cooperation in field of space communications

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The working visit of the Tajik Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Khayrullo Ibodzoda, to the city of Akkol, with the purpose of familiarizing himself with the activities of the Republican Center for Space Communication "KAZSAT," took place at the initiative of the Kazakh Agency for International Development "KazAID," Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan announced.

During the visit, Ibodzoda met with the head of the Republican Center for Space Communication, Malik Zhyuriktaev, and the Chairman of the Kazakh Agency for International Development, Arken Arianov. The parties discussed expanding cooperation between the two countries in the field of space communication.

According to experts, Kazakhstan aims to establish closer ties with Tajikistan and utilize its technical capabilities, particularly the Sanglokh Observatory, located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, 80 km from Dushanbe. The observatory, constructed back in 1980, benefits from excellent astroclimatic conditions and numerous clear nights per year, making it an ideal location for observing celestial phenomena. It was at the one-meter telescope of the Sanglokh Observatory that a photograph of Halley's Comet was obtained in 1986, which paved the way for future space missions, such as "Vega-1" and "Vega-2."

Tajikistan is home to three observatories in total: Gissar Observatory, Sanglokh Observatory, and Pamir Observatory. The Gissar Observatory houses unique equipment and a high-precision astronomical installation of which only three such instruments exist in the world. The observatory's work led to the development of the "instant exposure" method, which is now known worldwide. The exposure time is less than one one-thousandth of a second. This work served as the impetus for a series of research projects worldwide.


October 31, 2023