Tajikistan approves budget for 2024

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The fifth session of the sixth convocation of the Tajikistan Parliament on November 15 discussed and adopted the Law "On the State Budget for 2024" and the forecast for the indicators of the state budget for 2025-2026, Asiaplustj.info reports.

The gross domestic product (GDP) is projected to be nearly 144 billion somoni or $13 billion.

Taking into account the development of the national economy at 8% and the formation of GDP forecasts for 2024, the budget revenue from all sources of imports is planned at 43 billion somoni, representing 29.8% of the GDP.

Compared to the approved budget for the current year, the revenue part of the budget for the next year is higher by 5.9 billion somoni or 15.9%.

Budget expenditures for 2024 are planned from all funding sources at 44.1 billion somoni, which is 6 billion somoni more than the current budget.

Consequently, the expected budget deficit for 2024 is 0.8% or 1.1 billion somoni.

The total volume of expenditures in the social sphere in 2024 is forecasted to be nearly 19 billion somoni, an increase of 2.2 billion somoni compared to the 2023 budget.

For the development of the country's economic sectors, 15.3 billion somoni is allocated, accounting for 10.6% of the GDP.

The wage fund for the next year will be increased by 20.1% and is planned at 9.5 billion somoni. This is 6.6% of the GDP, which is 0.3 percentage points higher than the 2023 budget.

An amount of 8.2 billion somoni is planned to be spent on the education sector, which is 14.2% more than in 2023 (18.7% of the total state budget expenditures and 5.7% of the GDP).

For healthcare in 2024, expenses are allocated to be nearly 3.5 billion somoni. This is 4.4% more than the current year.

For social protection and insurance, 5.5 billion somoni is planned, and for culture and sports, 1.7 billion somoni.

The session also reviewed the projects of the State External Borrowing Program for 2024 and the forecast of its indicators for 2025-2026, the prospects of Tajikistan's monetary policy for 2024 and the medium term, and the draft laws amending the law "On Advocacy and Advocacy Activities," the Family Code, and the Convention of the CIS on Basic Human Rights and Freedoms from May 26, 1995.


November 16, 2023