Tajikistan reduced electricity supplies to neighbors by 15 times

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During the first ten months of 2023, Tajikistan exported electricity worth around $106 million, as reported by the statistical agency of Tajikistan. This amount reflects a 4.8% increase compared to the same period in 2022 when Tajikistan exported electricity totaling just over $101 million, Asiaplustj.info.

However, it's noteworthy that the export of Tajik electricity in October 2023 decreased by 15 times compared to September 2023, dropping from $20 million in September to $1.3 million in October.

Tajikistan has agreements for electricity supply in 2023 with only two countries - Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. The main energy company in Tajikistan, "Barki Tojik," asserts that electricity supplies to Uzbekistan are carried out only in the summer, while exports to Afghanistan will continue in the autumn-winter season but exclusively to preserve infrastructure.

During the cold season when Tajikistan itself experiences a shortage of electricity, deliveries to Afghanistan are reduced by a factor of 10: from 400 MW to 40 MW, explained the company.

In late September 2023, "Barki Tojik" announced that electricity supply might be restricted during the upcoming autumn-winter period. Residents of rural areas in Tajikistan have been receiving limited amounts of electricity since the last decade of September.

According to the Tajikistan Statistical Agency, electricity generation for the first ten months of 2023 amounted to about 18.4 billion kilowatt-hours, a 4.4% increase compared to the same period in 2022.

Almost 96% of electricity this year was produced by hydroelectric power stations, with the remaining portion coming from thermal and solar power stations.


November 22, 2023