"Tornado Hunter" to Continue Study of Burning Gas Crater in Turkmenistan

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George Kourounis, an American researcher known as the "Tornado Hunter," participated online in the international scientific conference "Energy Perspectives, New Technologies, and Environmental Aspects of Hydrocarbon Extraction" (TESC 2024), held in Ashgabat from June 5 to 6.

In his presentation, Kourounis highlighted the success of Turkmenistan's efforts to reduce emissions from the Darvaza gas crater, specifically mentioning the method of drilling a well near the crater to divert gas from the largest reservoir. This approach changes the direction of the gas filtration flow, thereby reducing the uncontrolled gas emissions into the crater, newscentralasia reports.

In 2013, American scientist George Kourounis became the first person to step into the burning gas crater "Darvaza." At TESC 2024, Kourounis announced his intention to launch a second expedition into the gas crater. He emphasized that, based on previous successes, he hopes to gain an even more detailed understanding of the crater's condition during the upcoming expedition in Turkmenistan.

The aim of the upcoming expedition is to continue studying the life forms in the crater, specifically researching extremophile microbes, collecting their samples, and further analyzing their DNA. Additionally, the plan includes analyzing gas emissions to better understand the quantity and types of gases being released, combustion efficiency, and other related factors.

Kourounis also shared his future plans: through interactive online sessions he intends to conduct worldwide, he will share the results of the research carried out in Turkmenistan.


June 7, 2024