Turkmenistan approved state budget for 2024

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President Serdar Berdimuhamedov has signed the law "On the State Budget of Turkmenistan for 2024." According to the document, the total expenditures and revenues of the country's budget amounted to over 102.313 billion manats, TDH reports.

At the current exchange rate, Turkmenistan's state budget for 2024 will be approximately $30 billion.

The sum of expenditures and revenues of the Centralized Budget, used to finance national programs and perform governmental functions, amounted to around 91.544 billion manats.

For the year 2023, the state budget amounted to 95.117 billion manats, with the Centralized Budget being 85.378 billion manats. Thus, the country's state budget has increased by over 7 billion manats, and the centralized budget by 6 billion manats.

The law also plans to allocate funds to the city of Arkadag in the amount of 211 million manats, Dashoguz region – 1.685 billion manats, and Lebap region – 1.089 billion manats.

"The protected articles of expenditures of the State Budget of Turkmenistan include wages, pensions, state benefits, and scholarships," the law document states.

Additionally, it is mentioned that "amounts exceeding revenues over expenditures are prioritized for the repayment of debt on bank loans, for financing areas ensuring sustainable socio-economic development," and "funds saved under all items of expenditure in the execution of Centralized and local budgets are allocated to other items of expenditure."


November 27, 2023