Turkmenistan increased gas production from three large fields

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In Turkmenistan, gas production from wells at three fields - Galkynysh, Tagtabazar-I, and Uzynada - has increased, the "Vatan" information program reported.

The increase in industrial gas inflow from the fields was implemented by the state concerns "Turkmengas" and "Turkmenoil," as well as the state corporation "Turkmengeology."

Drilling operations at well No. 312 of the Galkynysh gas field have increased its productivity to 1.7 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. Further significant increases in this indicator are expected.

From well No. 29 of the Tagtabazar-I gas field, an industrial inflow of sulfur-free gas was obtained. Its daily productivity amounted to 226.4 thousand cubic meters of natural gas and 6.04 tons of gas condensate. The industrial inflow of high-quality gas with this level of productivity underscores the significant potential of the well.

Simultaneously, drilling operations at the Uzynada field have been successfully completed, and gas condensate inflow has been achieved from three wells. The average productivity of each well is more than 60 tons per day, highlighting the efficiency and prospects of exploiting this field.

The new industrial inflows of natural gas were obtained through national investments aimed at researching and developing new wells in the fields to increase oil and gas production.


November 17, 2023