Turkmenistan limits refueling of vehicles with diesel fuel

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In Turkmenistan, there has been a shortage of diesel fuel at filling stations in the Lebap region for the past three days, reports the Turkmen edition of Radio "Azatlyk" (radio RF/RFE).

Due to the fuel deficit, diesel is being dispensed to trucks in a very limited quantity, with each truck receiving no more than 20 liters of diesel fuel.

A specialist from an oil products enterprise in the Zergar settlement of the city of Turkmenabat shared with the radio some circumstances related to the ongoing shortage of automotive fuel.

According to the specialist, an equal amount of automotive fuel is allocated to all regions of Turkmenistan each month. However, since the international highway passes through the territory of the eastern and southeastern regions, a significant portion of the fuel allocated for these regions is purchased by foreign trucks transiting through Turkmenistan. As a result, local drivers fall short of the allocated diesel fuel quota.

"The international cargo trucks transiting through the territories of the Lebap and Mary regions, and then passing through the Ahal region to Iran, purchase almost 5% of the fuel allocated for these regions," explained the oil products enterprise specialist.

Furthermore, almost a quarter of the fuel quota in these regions is allocated to vehicles owned by state enterprises and institutions.

"Thus, drivers of private trucks regularly suffer from a shortage of diesel because 50% of the quota is taken by transit trucks, and 25% by state enterprises and institutions," added the specialist.

According to him, each region receives equal volumes of fuel every month. The fact that a limited amount of diesel fuel is poured into each truck opens the door to bribery and other forms of corruption.


February 9, 2024