Turkmenistan published fourth edition of country's Red Book

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The fourth edition of the Red Book of Turkmenistan was published in Ashgabad. On this occasion, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov congratulated environmental workers, the creators of the book and all compatriots, TDH news agency reports.

“The main goals of the state environmental policy are to ensure a favorable environment for the people of Turkmenistan to live, rational use of natural resources, enrichment of flora and fauna, careful preservation of beautiful nature for future generations,” the message notes.

Caring for nature is the sacred duty of everyone; caring for nature concerns all people.

“Every citizen of Turkmenistan must protect natural resources as the apple of his eye. It is necessary to take appropriate measures to protect wild animals and vegetation in natural reserves, increase their numbers, carefully preserve places with beautiful nature, and conduct in-depth scientific research,” the head of state emphasized.

The Red Book of Turkmenistan, a source of scientific research on biodiversity, is of great importance in preserving the unique gene pool of flora and fauna.

“I firmly believe that work on reliable protection and propagation of species included in the Red Book will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity not only in our country and region, but also on the planet as a whole,” concluded President Berdimuhamedov, speaking on the occasion of the release of the next edition of the Red Book of Turkmenistan.


June 5, 2024