Turkmenistan strives to become key transcontinental transport hub

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Turkmenistan is confidently progressing towards becoming a transcontinental transportation bridge, linking the European, Asian-Pacific, and South Asian economic systems, CentralAsia.news reports, citing Central Asian expert Vadim Shagiahmedov.

Expert notes that the country is actively working on developing transportation infrastructure in the "East-West" and "North-South" directions. New bridges are being built, modern high-speed highways are being laid, railways are being developed, and air and sea routes are expanding. Turkmenistan consistently advocates for the expansion of mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation in the transportation sector.

Shagiahmedov emphasizes that Turkmenistan has a unique geographical location, allowing the country to naturally integrate into international transportation corridors. The enormous resource potential and developed logistical infrastructure define Turkmenistan as one of the largest participants in global trade and exchange of goods.

According to the observer, Turkmenistan regularly puts forward initiatives to create transcontinental transportation corridors at the global level. This opens up good prospects for transforming the transportation segment into one of the locomotives of global economic development.


April 3, 2024