Uzbek capital have more mosaics than in any other city in world

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The Department of Digital Development at the Governor's Office of the capital of Uzbekistan, the city of Tashkent, has announced a new video featuring 16 animated mosaics of the city. The first video was released on April 30 and covered 13 of the most famous panels, reports.

Both videos are part of the "Tashkent Mosaics" project. Its creators - the Department of Digital Development at the Tashkent Governor's Office and the Cultural and Arts Development Fund of Uzbekistan - continue to work on the protection of mosaics and mosaic panels listed as immovable cultural heritage monuments.

For informational support of the campaign, the Tashkent Governor's Office has launched the online platform, which includes an online catalog of objects, featuring the "Kaleidoscope" and AR scanner functions to animate mosaics using a smartphone application (iOS, Android, Huawei).

As of today, the application allows you to "animate" eight mosaics. Seven more will be available after an update in the coming days.

"The application perceives the mosaic as a marker for augmented reality. Not all panels can be viewed from the necessary distance and angle to trigger the animation, so the number of mosaics available for 'animation' is limited," explained Alexey Khren, Director of the Department of Digital Development.

To create the new video, the Tashkent Governor's Office conducted additional shootings of eight new objects and used a new soundtrack by the domestic DJ King Macarella. Eight other mosaics were featured in the first video.

According to Alexey Khren, the team of the "Tashkent Mosaics" project continues to supplement the online catalog of objects. If there was information about 334 mosaics on the website when the platform was launched, today their number has grown to 390 (15 of them are lost). An addition of 50 more objects to the catalog is expected.

"The directory is expanding with the aim of applying to the Guinness World Records commission to recognize Tashkent as the 'most mosaic' city in the world," said Alexey Khren.

The catalog includes both exterior panels on the facades and ends of residential and non-residential buildings and interior ones, including mosaics in the Tashkent Metro. In addition, standalone objects are included in the list. One such object is the "Wedding" panel on the facade of one of the pavilions of the Uzexpocenter exhibition complex. The work was done by Uzbek artist Dilmurod Yusupov in 1970.

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Earlier, the Tashkent Governor's Office stated that all mosaic panels on the facades and ends of residential buildings are free from external advertising. Employees of the Department of Digital Development noted that some of the works are covered by ventilation pipes and are also damaged. Restoration of these objects is the next stage of work for the "Tashkent Mosaics" team in protecting the panels, the press service of the Cultural and Arts Development Fund of Uzbekistan told

"Currently, specialists are being sought who will be able to carry out restoration work," the press service added.

June 12, 2024