Uzbekistan establishes environmental cooperation with China

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At the Ministry of Ecology, Environment Protection, and Climate Change of Uzbekistan, Deputy Minister Zhusipbek Kazbekov, along with representatives from the Trade and Industry Chambers of China and Uzbekistan, held negotiations, reports.

The parties discussed prospects for strengthening cooperation and strategic partnership in the field of ecology and environmental protection, with a primary focus on major projects related to the construction of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, as well as the processing of household and solid waste.

Representatives from the trade chambers of both countries presented projects for implementing green technologies, waste recycling, and combating air pollution. The importance of establishing international environmental standards was emphasized, along with the urgent need for extensive digitization in this field.

Issues related to studying China's experience in greening desert areas, establishing tree planting farms, and attracting investors for the implementation of innovative technologies in wastewater treatment in the urban system were also discussed.

Ministry representatives provided information on the government's systematic efforts in developing various areas, including environmental protection measures. Prospects for the development of the National Taxonomy of Green Projects and the creation of the Green Fund were highlighted.

January 11, 2024