Uzbekistan recognized as safest country in Central Asia

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Uzbekistan has become the safest country in Central Asia according to the World Population Review crime index, reports.

Uzbekistan ranked 99th out of 136 countries. Kazakhstan ranked 40th, and Kyrgyzstan ranked 31st.

At the same time, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are not in the ranking at all.

Georgia (126), Armenia (127), Azerbaijan (103), Latvia (101) and Estonia (125) overtook Uzbekistan in the post-Soviet space.

Russia was ranked 86th, Ukraine 57th, and Belarus ranked 27th.

The higher the ranking, the higher the crime rate.

It is worth noting that neighboring Afghanistan did not take first place, but only fourth.

The three "leaders" in crime are as follows:

- Venezuela;
- Papua New Guinea;
- South Africa.

Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan were recognized as the safest countries.

April 10, 2023