Uzbekistan aims to reduce poverty among more than 125,000 families

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From January to September of 2023, over 5 million people found employment. By the end of the year, Uzbekistan aims to lift almost 128,000 families out of poverty, reports.

Currently, there are over 19.5 million labor resources in the country, with almost 14 million employed, 4.3 million economically inactive, and 1.3 million unemployed, resulting in an 8.6% unemployment rate.

In 2023, the labor market is expected to receive 813,000 graduates, over 240,000 returning migrants, 21,400 individuals released from military service, and 13,400 who lost their jobs.

During the same period, almost 95 thousand unemployed individuals engaged in paid public works through 37.7 thousand orders from enterprises. Efforts were made to support almost 426,000 unemployed women registered in the "Women's Register," with 409,000 already assisted.

Furthermore, an "Online Neighborhood" electronic platform now includes a list of 1,200,000 poor families. The ongoing initiatives aim to reduce the poverty level by 12% by year-end.

17 ноября 2023 года