5 new reservoirs to be constructed in Kazakhstan: another 15 to be reconstructed

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In Kazakhstan, the construction of five new reservoirs will begin in 2024. These projects are aimed at preventing flooding of populated areas, reports the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Kazakhstan, Eurasia Today reports. This year, Kazakhstan is experiencing the most severe flooding in 80 years.

Expansion of infrastructure and risk reduction

According to experts, the construction of new reservoirs will allow the expansion of irrigated land area by 250,000 hectares. It is also expected that these measures will help prevent the flooding of 70 settlements, with a population of around 137,000 people.

Simultaneously, the reconstruction of 15 existing reservoirs is planned.

Prevention of emergencies

The measures taken should reduce the likelihood of flooding in 64 settlements, inhabited by 70,000 people. Additionally, improving the condition of reservoirs will enhance the quality of water supply in an area of 74,000 hectares of irrigated land.

Plans for the future

After the end of the spring flood period, the Concept for the Development of the Water Resources Management System of Kazakhstan for the period from 2024 to 2030 is planned to be revised.

Changes related to flood prevention and the use of meltwater in agriculture will be introduced into it by the order of the country's president.

Current condition of reservoirs

  • In the Kostanay region, after the peak of the flood, two large reservoirs are filled to 92%.
  • In the North Kazakhstan region, two reservoirs are filled to 100%, with flooding ongoing.
  • In the West Kazakhstan region, four reservoirs are filled on average to 70%.
  • In the East Kazakhstan region, the average filling of three reservoirs has reached 84.8%.
  • In the Akmola region, the filling of two reservoirs is at 99%, with unregulated discharge of the Zhabay River observed.
  • In the Aktobe and Karaganda regions, reservoirs are filled to 97% and 100%, respectively.

The official representative of the ministry, Moldir Abdualiyeva, noted that specialists regularly conduct inspections to control the safe passage of floodwaters and their adequate accumulation.

Destructive floods in Kazakhstan

This spring, thousands of homes in six regions of Kazakhstan suffered from destructive floods.

More than 3,700 residential buildings were flooded in the North Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Aktobe, Akmola, Kostanay, and Pavlodar regions, according to the Kazakh Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to official information, around 75,000 people have already been rescued, with over 7,500 accommodated in temporary shelters. In addition, over 7.5 million cubic meters of meltwater have been pumped out of the disaster zone.


April 12, 2024