Committee for return of illegally exported assets created in Kazakhstan

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A Committee for Asset Recovery has started functioning in Kazakhstan as part of the General Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan. This committee was formed by the decree of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on October 5, 2023, the Press Service of the General Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan reports.

The primary tasks of this new government body include asset search and recovery, development of international legal cooperation in this area, and identifying and eliminating the causes and conditions that have facilitated the illegal concentration of economic resources and the unlawful transfer of assets.

At the same time, the Committee serves as the operational body for the Commission for the Return of Assets Illegally Acquired by Individuals, led by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.

To accomplish its designated tasks, including verifying the legality of the sources of origin of property, the Committee has the authority to request and obtain all necessary information about assets and their owners, as well as engage scholars, experts, and specialists.

The Committee's functions also encompass monitoring and analyzing information about assets, verifying the legality of the sources of origin of assets, and receiving and reviewing asset disclosure declarations from individuals included in a special registry based on the Commission's decisions.,

October 12, 2023