In Kyrgyzstan, shares of dollar loans and deposits decreased

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The deposit and loan portfolios of banks in Kyrgyzstan continue to grow, with their dollarization decreasing. This is stated in the regional review of the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development, reports Sputnik-Kyrgyzstan.

The deposit base consists not only of the volume of deposits (term and demand) but also of funds in checking accounts. These include the funds of legal entities, individuals, and non-residents.

By March 2024, compared to the same period in 2023, the volume of deposits increased by 32%, mainly due to the increase in deposits from legal entities. The share of deposits in dollars decreased to 45.5% (down 1.8% over the year).

The loan portfolio grew by 25.4% (comparing March 2023 to March 2024). The main driver of growth is consumer lending (up 66.2%).

The dollarization of loans decreased to 21.7% (down 1.2% over the year).

July 9, 2024