Kazakhstan and Russia trade almost entirely in national currencies - Putin

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that the relationship between Russia and Kazakhstan is allied, strategic, and has a very good future, the Kremlin press service reports.

"We have not just very close, but allied, strategic relations. This can be said in the full sense of the word regarding Russia and Kazakhstan," Putin said.

The Russian President noted that trade and economic ties between Russia and Kazakhstan confidently grow every year. The countries cooperate in the fields of energy, industrial cooperation, space, and many others.

Putin emphasized that 76 Russian regions directly establish relations with Kazakhstan. According to him, this is the most effective way since people interact directly with each other.

The Russian leader pointed out that in international trade, Russia and Kazakhstan are almost completely transitioning to settlements in national currencies.

"Ninety percent of our trade turnover with China is conducted in national currencies, and the same is happening with Kazakhstan. There, probably almost 100%—almost everything is in national currencies," President Putin emphasized.


June 7, 2024