Kazakhstan intends to significantly increase length of its railways

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Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Alihan Smailov, chaired a meeting on the further development of the country's transport-transit potential and the activities of the national company "Қазақстан темір жолы" (Kazakhstan Railways), the press service of the Government of Kazakhstan informed.

In the coming years, the construction of over 1300 km of railways is planned, significantly increasing Kazakhstan's transit potential. This includes the Dostyk – Moynqum, Bakhty – Ayagoz, Darbaza – Maktaral lines, and a bypass around Almaty.

Simultaneously, efforts will be made to repair existing railway tracks, acquire new locomotives and wagons, and modernize stations and terminal complexes. Prime Minister Smailov emphasized that it is essential for JSC "NC "KTZ" to promptly address all complaints from domestic producers and, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, develop effective measures to eliminate bottlenecks in cargo transportation.

According to data from 2020, the length of main railway lines in Kazakhstan exceeds 14,000 km, with the majority (97.5%) located within Kazakhstan, and 2.5% in the border regions of Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Along the railway, there are 720 stations and junction points.

Annually, it provides 70% of freight and 60% of passenger transportation in Kazakhstan.


November 20, 2023