Kazakhstan launches unique flights to other countries

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In 2023, Kazakhstan plans to open 18 international air routes, of which nine have already been opened, and nine more will be launched before the end of the year. This was announced by the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan Marat Karabayev at a meeting of the Government of the country, Kazinform reports.

Today in Kazakhstan, international flights are carried out by three Kazakh and 26 foreign airlines to 27 countries along 103 air routes. This is higher than pre-pandemic indicators, Karabaev specified.

Since the beginning of the year, Kazakhstan has resumed flights to Beijing, Xi'an, Urumqi (all three are China), Baku, Delhi, Samarkand and Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh.

As for new destinations, by the end of the year, flights are expected to open to Ankara, Jeddah, the capital of Qatar, Doha, the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, to Pakistani Karachi and Lahore, the capital of Oman, Muscat, as well as to Prague and Tel Aviv.

We add that three of the nine destinations expected to open will be unique for the countries of Central Asia. So far, no one flies from the Central Asian region to Prague, Muscat and Pakistani Karachi. There is a flight from Bishkek to another Pakistani city - Lahore.

Kazakhstan also plans to launch direct flights to Vienna, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, Singapore and Tokyo by 2025.


May 30, 2023