Modernization of heat supply system of Kyrgyzstan costs $15 bln

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The modernization of heating systems in Kyrgyzstan requires investments of at least $15 billion, according to a report on the transition to sustainable heating in Europe and Central Asia by the World Bank, reports.

The document analyzes the heating systems of 23 countries in Europe and Central Asia. In the section dedicated to Kyrgyzstan, it is stated that less than 20% of the country's population has access to central heating systems. Furthermore, only fossil fuels are used for heating residential buildings and premises in Kyrgyzstan.

In Kyrgyzstan, coal is the primary fuel used for heating homes (70%). However, due to a lack of heating infrastructure (central heating and gas supply networks) and cost considerations, households in Kyrgyzstan continue to actively use traditional biomass as a fuel source.

The World Bank report also notes that 42% of all buildings in the country were constructed before 1980. According to World Bank analysts, this presents a significant potential for improving energy efficiency through building modernization.

To develop heating systems and transition to environmentally friendly fuel sources, Kyrgyzstan will need to invest at least $15 billion. This is one of the lowest figures among all Central Asian countries. Uzbekistan will require the most significant investments in heating system modernization, with approximately $111 billion needed. Kazakhstan follows closely, requiring around $105 billion. Tajikistan will require the least investment, at $12 billion.,

October 9, 2023