Tajikistan makes efforts to become transport hub in Central Asia

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In Tajikistan, in 2024, the implementation of projects for the reconstruction of highways, construction of bridges, and avalanche corridors will continue.

This was announced by the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan, adding that the goal of these projects is to turn Tajikistan into a transit country, Sputnik reports.

It is noted that in the next 2 years, 317 km of international highways will be put into operation in the country.

Additionally, plans include the construction of 32 bridges, 5 tunnels with a total length of 11.2 km, and 7 avalanche corridors.

"Special attention will be paid to the reconstruction of the roads "Guliston-Kulyab" (32.5 km), "Dangara-Guliston" (49.2 km), "Guliston-Farkhor" (40 km), "Bohtar-Levakan-Dangara" (40 km)," emphasized the ministry.

Moreover, the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan pointed out that an equally important task will be the construction of the "Rogun-Obigarm-Nurabad" route (76 km) and the restoration of the roads "Khujand-Kanibadam," "Rushan-Khorog-Village Varshetz," "Dangara-Bohtar" (29 km), and "Dushanbe-Kulma" on the Kalai Khumb-Vanji-Rushan district border segment (93 km).

Earlier, participants in a meeting of the heads of transport agencies of Central Asian countries agreed to create conditions for the development of the industry, according to Tajikistan's Minister of Transport, Azim Ibrokhim.

It is emphasized that transportation and logistics services will be improved to strengthen trade ties between the countries in the region.

The parties also approved a draft agreement on enhancing the connectivity of ground transport in Central Asia, which will be signed during the meeting of the heads of states, clarified Azim Ibrokhim. The Tajik minister noted that the agreement envisages the development of new transport corridors.


December 8, 2024