Turkmenistan adopted new law on energy saving and increasing efficiency

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In Turkmenistan, a new Law "On Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency" has been officially published and entered into force. The document establishes legal, economic, and organizational frameworks for stimulating energy conservation and improving energy efficiency in the country, Turkmenportal reports.

The Law defines key concepts such as energy audit, energy passport, norms for fuel and energy resource consumption, and others. The rights and obligations of fuel and energy resource consumers are clearly outlined.

The document introduces mandatory energy audits of facilities and buildings and determines the procedure for conducting energy audits. Measures to stimulate energy conservation are provided, including preferential loans, tax preferences, and tariff policies.

The new law enshrines the principles of legal regulation in the field of energy conservation, including the scientific, technical, and economic justification of energy-saving measures, priority in the implementation of energy-efficient equipment, technologies, and materials.

The Law delineates the competencies of state bodies in the field of energy conservation and control over compliance with requirements. Special attention is paid to international cooperation and information support in the field of improving energy efficiency.


April 11, 2024