Turkmenistan and Türkiye explores partnership opportunities for gas supplies

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A delegation from the Turkish state energy company BOTAŞ conducted a series of meetings with representatives of Turkmenistan's state-owned gas and oil corporations on issues related to the supply of Turkmen gas to Turkey, Orient reports.

During the meeting, the strong ties between Turkmenistan and Turkey were emphasized, and BOTAŞ expressed its determination and interest in Turkmen gas supplies to Turkey in accordance with the political will of the leaders of both countries, as stated in the company's statement, reported by the Turkish Daily Sabah.

BOTAŞ declared its readiness to support the Turkmen side in achieving this goal, highlighting the importance of continuous communication between the two state-owned companies for delivering Turkmen gas to the Turkish and global markets.

The company also emphasized that it continues to work on diversifying energy resources and achieving Turkey's goal of becoming a natural gas hub.

"On January 29, 2024, a meeting was held at the BOTAŞ headquarters with the participation of the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Ankara, Mekan Ishangulyev, as well as the delegations of the official representatives of TurkmenGaz and Turkmenneft, and the BOTAŞ delegation led by Deputy General Director Mithat Aydin. The possibilities of short-term and long-term cooperation between the parties were discussed, as well as the transportation of Turkmen gas to Turkey," as stated on the Turkish company's website.

It is reported that another high-level meeting took place between the Chairman and General Director of BOTAŞ, Abdulvahit Fidan, and the Turkmen delegation.

Turkey heavily relies on imports to meet its energy needs but seeks to expand its influence and works towards increasing exploration and production to limit its external dependence, according to Daily Sabah.

February 1, 2024