Uzbek space signed Memorandum with Chinese partners

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The Uzbek agency "Uzbekcosmos" and the Institute of Information Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing, Sputnik-Uzbekistan reports.

During the visit to China, the delegation from Uzbekcosmos met with the leadership of leading Chinese companies specializing in the field of space systems and technologies.

"The prospects of bilateral cooperation in areas such as education and personnel training, the development of geoinformation systems, and the creation of ground and space infrastructure were extensively discussed," the statement said.

The signed document will expand opportunities for cooperation in part of short-term educational programs for remote sensing of the Earth. These programs include theoretical knowledge in the field of technologies related to this process, as well as practical skills in decoding satellite imagery, necessary for the work of various ground support services for remote sensing of the Earth.

Interaction between educational institutions of the two countries involves student and scientific exchanges, and joint work in the field of space systems and technologies, including the creation and development of geoinformation systems, satellite communication systems, and other mutually beneficial areas of collaboration.

January 19, 2024