Water shortage predicted in Tajikistan and region

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Water consumption in Tajikistan is expected to decrease from 2,520 cubic meters per year to 1,167 cubic meters per year, according to Rustam Abdulloev, head of the water and energy policy department at the Ministry of Energy of Tajikistan, reports Sputnik Tajikistan.

"This is due to both regional water shortages and stricter water consumption controls amid outdated infrastructure," the official said.

He noted that most water facilities in Tajikistan were built in the 1970s and 1980s and need replacement and modernization. Abdulloev warned that the burden on these facilities will increase due to water shortages and competition for water between economic sectors.

Currently, the largest water user in Tajikistan is agriculture, which consumes 85% of water resources.

Earlier, Russia stated it is ready to share its irrigation and watering system technologies with the EAEU countries.


June 11, 2024