Former head of Kazakh KNB to demand call to confront Nazarbayev

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Numerous rumor makers in the government corridors of the capital of Kazakhstan are discussing Karim Massimov's letter, which he wrote to Kassym-Jomart Tokayev before the start of his trial. The content of this personal letter is not known for certain, but it must be assumed that Massimov, realizing the hopelessness of his situation, reveals in detail the true role of Nazarbayev in those events. He believes that Nazarbayev himself, at a difficult moment, left Massimov without protection and support, joining only in the defense of his nephew Kairat Satybaldy and other family members. How much all these numerous leaks of information and rumors correspond to the truth, time and the trial will show, wrote.

The first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, after voting in the recent elections, answered questions from journalists and, in particular, answered the question of who, in his opinion, is behind the former head of the KNB, Karim Masimov, who is accused of treason, attempted violent seizure of power, abuse of power and official powers.

“I am also very interested in this, I am also waiting for the end of the investigation and trial. What was the cause and who is behind it. Very hard. Massimov worked with me for many years, but how do you know if Jesus Christ knew Judas sitting next to him? We are not gods. Therefore, we will see the end of the trial and we all, I think, will find out the truth, ”Nazarbayev said, which led the journalists into some confusion: Jesus Christ knew about the betrayal of Judas, as he knew and predicted in advance the renunciation of the Apostle Peter from him under pain of arrest even before the first roosters.

However, it is necessary to pay tribute to Nazarbayev’s composure, because earlier from numerous leaks of information regarding the investigation of the criminal case of Massimov, it became known that Massimov, who felt betrayed during the investigations carried out with him, repeatedly insisted on bringing Nazarbayev to justice on an equal basis with himself. It was alleged that Massimov gave exhaustive evidence against the first president of Kazakhstan and told the investigation that he was carrying out the instructions of Elbasy at that time and did not make any decisions without his direct instructions.

Such an interpretation of events is quite logical, given what is believed to be Massimov's personal loyalty, and also given that if Nazarbayev returned to the presidency, Massimov himself would eventually take the post of prime minister with unlimited powers. Moreover, from the same numerous leaks of information, it is known that Nazarbayev allegedly even promised to transfer the presidency to him - Massimov, in connection with which Massimov had to undergo a "training course", including language training due to his very poor command of Kazakh language.

Nazarbayev himself was in Almaty during the tragic “January events”, where he waited for the outcome of the events and returned to the capital only on January 7, 2022. By that time, the Russian security forces, who were personally sent by Russian President Vladimir Putin, were already engaged in his direct protection, and, apparently, the Kremlin was officially aware of everything that was happening, including the coup d'état itself and the circle of people who inspired it, wrote.

Moreover, the same Massimov was entrusted with informing the Russian side, who allegedly was in constant contact with the chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, insisting on the immediate dispatch of Russian military to Kazakhstan in order to restore constitutional order, but in fact - to carry out a coup d'état, and complained about the slowness and indecision of the current President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Massimov made it clear to the Russian side that the president should be replaced by Nazarbayev, which could stop the unrest, and then deepen the integration processes between Kazakhstan and Russia, up to the transition to negotiations on joining the "Union State".

The court begins its work in secrecy, since the case concerns high treason, but eventually the truth will come out if, all the more so, Massimov demands that Nazarbayev be called to the confrontation.


November 22, 2022